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When Something is Wrong

By Dr. Kelly Kellen

Children in today’s world are suffering. Suffering from stomach aches, learning disabilities, sensory and behavior issues, constipation, diarrhea, and anxiety. So many of these children get labeled as trouble makers or lazy and are treated differently in their schools and amongst their peers. But what is really going on….these children are toxic. Toxic from all the food colorings, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, pesticides, the list goes on and on. Their bodies simply can not function normally. As parents, we know their potential, and we know something is wrong, but what? And how do we fix it?

I treat these children with biomedical intervention. The first step is to look at what weakened their immune system. Was it chronic ear infections, colic, reflux, or respiratory infections? I always look at what started all the chaos in their little bodies, that way I’m not just chasing symptoms, but, instead actually treating the cause of the problem. The second step is to eliminate more stress on their bodies, thus promoting faster healing. I clean up their environment by educating you on how the toxins got into their bodies. I look at their diet. When the body gets too overwhelmed, it starts to over react. I see this with a lot of food allergies. The body develops antibodies against certain foods, for example, gluten or dairy, which can manifest itself in various symptomatologies. It’s not that gluten or dairy are bad, it is the fact that they consume too much and they are bigger proteins to break down, which takes longer. This in return, puts more stress on the body and produces more inflammation, leading to more systems in the body failing. Reflux, eczema, acne, warts, red hands and cheeks, over weight, under weight are just a few signs that the body is not working properly. I often see children with poor motor skills and learning delays because their bodies simply aren’t absorbing the nutrients from their food due to their GI tract being so inflamed and irritated. I offer natural detoxification remedies and natural anti-inflammatories. Along with food allergy testing, I offer nutritional consulting and advice on how to reach a balanced diet. I use my degree in Chiropractic to remove nerve interference. It is imperative that the body has proper nerve innervation to work correctly.

The children that I help are doing well in school, are not depressed, are well behaved, and are growing. Families are brought together. The impact of biomedical intervention improves lives. I see it everyday. I am here to help. I encourage you to make an appointment and see if your son or daughter could benefit from biomedical intervention. You can also visit my webpage www.Chiropracticsolutionspc.com and print off my “Go Green” sheet. It has several important things you can do today to decrease the amount of toxins entering into your body. I also have great reference materials under “Resources” to start you on your way to understanding what is going on with your child.

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